Water Absorbent Pads for Meats, Fruits and Vegetables


Water Absorbent Pads

Thanks to absorbent material – our high-tech absorbent material.

It brings a new, specially developed absorbent layer that helps consumers simulate a dry process in vacuum packaging – with amazing results.


It is used for absorbing excess water from all kinds of foods such as chicken, fish, fruit, vegetable and pork & beef meet.

Mainly Types

Product TypeComponentUseFeatureSize
Hard padTop layer: waterproof PE film.
Core layer: super absorbent polymer(SAP) with tissue fluff.
Bottom layer:  PE film (perforated).
Used in the supermarket shelves to absorb condensate water.With lower pricesCustomizable
Soft padTop layer: waterproof PE film.
Core layer: super absorbent polymer(SAP) with tissue fluff.
Bottom layer: non-woven fabrics.
Used for absorbing excess water from chicken, fish, fruit, vegetable, and pork & beef meet.With strong absorption ability.Customizable


Appearance: The meat no longer “swims” in its own juice – and therefore looks much more appetizing. And it also effectively prevent food spoilage in juice.

Smell: The acidic odor on opening the packaging was much less noticeable.

Handling: Since any liquid is absorbed by the pad, no juices leak out when the packaging is opened – for a visually appealing product and maximum handling convenience.


Top layer: waterproof PE film.

Core layer: super absorbent polymer (SAP) with tissues fluff can absorb the excess water quickly and can lock it up.

Bottom layer: PE film (perforated) or non-woven fabrics.

“This pad is different.”

– High-quality absorbent polymer (SAP) can perform superior absorption.

– Leach resistant to avoid food contact with fluid and SAP.

– Restrain bacterial growth, result in food safety and longer shelf life.

– Easier for consumers to handle the food.

Quality & safety standard

-Supplying one-stop service of all kinds of the tray, a plastic film with food soaker pad combination.
-Starch-based environment-friendly biodegradable and compostable material.
-Comply with ASTM D6400, EN 13432 of European standard.
-Quality Passed by FDA, REACH, ISO, SGS.

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