The Way To Find Good Sodium Polyacrylate Supplier /Manufacturer


    1. Quality

    That means sodium polyacrylate suppliers /manufacturers have a good team working for quality monitoring. They will test all the main items of sodium polyacrylate such as:

    • Absorbent rate—How fast the polymer absorbing liquid.
    • Absorption–How much the polymer can absorb.
    • Absorption under pressure and retention capacity after centrifugation–Make sure that gel locks the water well.
    • Particle Size Distribution-Different sizes upon different applications
    • Liquid Permeability – Very important item for paper diaper and sanitary towel making.
    • Residual Monomer – Very important item for paper diaper and sanitary towel making.

    2. Reasonable Price

    Of cause, lower is better. But we should know something is going to suffer after we choose the cheapest one. So “reasonable price ” always better than “competitive price”, especially for chemical products.

     3. Service

    As a functional polymer material, sodium polyacrylate can be used in hundreds of applications. Good sales of suppliers will help you choose to autofit sodium polyacrylate upon your application and offer you a good problem solution for this product.

     4. Alignment-It’s this fourth category that many companies fail to consider.

    I think this point is just more important than the first three. The best supplier (not “good”) should know their customers much. They will so pleased to study the research, suggestions, programs, product assortments, pricing with their customers and so that they can both grow profitably together.

    –These are our aim and what we are always doing.

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