The Thing You Must Know Before Buy Super Absorbent polymer for Agriculture


    It’s so easy to buy anything you want on the internet. But sometimes you will find the prices are so different for the products looks the seem. Now we’ll talk about the main differences of super absorbent polymers for agriculture.

    First, let’s watch the video which introduces super absorbent polymer for plants as follows,

    The way to help plants growing is amazing, right? Then the problem is coming –Is that okay to use this kind gel for all our plants/crop without any pollution?

    There are two kinds of polymer that can absorb water and turn to gel: sodium polyacrylate and potassium polyacrylate. The first one is the polymer in the video and the other one is the professional polymer for common plants’ usage.

    Here are the differences:

    1. Chemical Component

    -Sodium polyacrylate’s Sodium may let soil harden when the operating frequency is high.

    -Potassium polyacrylate’s Potassium has fertilizer efficiency for plants.

    2. Water Gel Characteristic

    -Sodium polyacrylate’s water gel is softer and sometimes will let the root rot.

    -Potassium polyacrylate’s water gel is firm and never sticky.

    3. Application

    -Sodium polyacrylate is the main material of disposable products such as paper diapers, Lady sanitary napkins.

    -Potassium polyacrylate: the period of validity can last more than 3 years in the soil.

    4. Price

    Potassium polyacrylate’s price is about 2 times as much as sodium polyacrylate’s. And we do need to clear them before buying.

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