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SOCO Super Absorbent Polymer

Agriculture  Grade

Widely used in agriculture, forestry, and gardening, such as soil water retention agent, seed coating, soil-less cultivation, artificial turf, etc.

Hygiene Grade

Mainly used in Hygiene Products such as Diapers, Sanitary Napkins, Nursing pads, and Pet pads, etc.

Industry Grade

Mainly used in a sandbag, protection material of concrete, waterproof tape, and waterproof ointment for using in optical fiber cables and so on.

SAP Related Products

Inflatable Flood Sandless Sandbag

Delivered as a flat one-pound sack, they absorb up to 45 pounds of fresh water in five minutes, forming a dense gel that blocks and redirects water.

Water Absorbent Pad

It is used for absorbing excess water from all kinds of foods such as chicken, fish, fruit, vegetable, and pork & beef meet.

Water Jelly/Gel Polymer Beads

Water beads are made of SAP. It can absorb a large amount of water and turn into a bigger ball.

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