Super absorbent polymer for water-blocking yarn/tape of cable


    *This article is about super absorbent polymer for plants, potassium polyacrylate, Ag-SAP, water-retaining agent.

    Super absorbent polymer SAP is an important water-blocking material.
    It can absorb quickly the permeated water when the outer layer of the cable is broken.

    Advantages of super absorbent polymer for water-blocking yarn/tape

    • High absorbent speed;
    • It’s neutral when max with ointment (which can protect the metal in cable).


    AppearanceWhite powder or granularWhite powder or granular
    Particle size(μm) 212-150μm  28.85%
    150-120μm  21.27%
    120-106μm  26.23%
    106-80μm  21.48%
    ≤80μm  5.17%
    Water-keeping ratio(ml/g)≥320420
    Ph value6.5-7.57
    Inflation altitude(mm/min) (20℃ pure water) 20mm/1 min
    22mm/2 min
    24mm/3 min
    Residual Monomer(ppm)≤400100
    Volume density (g/cm3)0.6-0.70.69

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