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    Gel Ice Pack
    What is the material of the Gel Ice Pack?
    Advantages of Gel Ice Pack
    What is the profit of producing or selling Gel ice packs?

    In daily life, we use ice packs to relieve inflammation, sports injuries and body aches.

    But ordinary ice packs are very inconvenient to use.

    • We couldn’t find ice in time to wrap in a towel or put in a container.
    • The temperature of ordinary ice packs is close to zero, and the ice cubes are so hard that they will be uncomfortable when they are pressed against the skin.

    Gel Ice Pack

    With the advancement of technology, Gel Ice Pack was born.

    The biggest advantage of Gel Ice Pack is its small size and light weight.

    In fact, the gel and ice you just bought look like an empty plastic bag, and you can hardly feel the filling material inside. But when you need to use it, you only need to pour a little water into the ice pack with the tap, and the whole ice pack will expand immediately. At this time, feel the ice pack with your hands, the texture is very soft and comfortable.

    Another more high-end gel ice pack with absorbent beads is actually made of sodium polyacrylate. The main component of this kind of hydrogel is also sodium polyacrylate, which has undergone post-treatment during the production process, so that it becomes the shape of hydrogel after absorbing water.

    If you need, you can put the gel ice pack filled with water in the refrigerator or freezer. That is to say, you can easily get the ice pack below normal temperature or the ice pack with the temperature close to 0 degrees, it is completely up to you.

    What is the material of the Gel Ice Pack?

    The material inside the Gel Ice Pack is sodium polyacrylate. This material is extremely water-absorbent, and after absorbing water, it can swell quickly to form a hydrogel, which is soft in texture, and the whole material is completely non-toxic.

    In fact, this material has actually been used in every aspect of our life, For example, it is the absorbent material in common diapers or sanitary napkins.

    Advantages of Gel Ice Pack

    • Soft texture and strong affinity with human skin.
    • Customizable. Manufacturers can customize the size and shape of the entire ice pack according to different purposes.
    • There will be no water seepage during use. This feature not only increases comfort but also increases the durability of ice pack use.
    • Reusable. After using the Gel Ice Pack, you can simply wash it and put it in the refrigerator for the next use.

    What is the profit of producing or selling Gel ice packs?

    If you just look at the cost of producing Gel Ice Pack and the selling price, the profits are huge. Each ice pack costs only a plastic bag and a few grams of sodium polyacrylate.

    But the problem is actually not that simple. In addition to the cost of raw materials, we have to consider the cost of machines, management and labor when producing Gel Ice Pack.


    Manufacturing and selling gel ice packs can be a lucrative business venture provided you conduct through market research, develop an efficient production plan, and implement sales and marketing strategies that effectively market your product to your target market. With adjustments as needed, you can increase the profitability of your business and capitalize on the growing demand for gel ice packs.

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