Why Need Seed Coating Polymer


    Seed Coating Technology

    As we know,  there are three conditions needed for seeds to germinate : light, temperature, water. And seed coating technology is which can improve two of them — water and temperature.

    And it also provides some advantages such as nutrients, protection against fungal diseases, or insecticidal treatments… …

    Seed Coating Polymer

    This is a new function polymer that can absorb huge water. After absorbing, it turns to water gel. This amazing gel that can release water to plant when they need.

    Here are the photos and you can see the water gel after absorbing water :

    This water gel can always keep seeds damp and give an unwavering temperature status.

    Other side, the seed coating polymer formulation enables the seed to be coated evenly, which makes it easier to work with on farm and promotes a more even seed distribution in the paddock. In addition, the lime helps to optimise the pH level immediately around the germinating seed, which promotes faster moisture uptake by the seed and better establishment.


    • Keep seeds damp and give an unwavering temperature status;
    • Nutrients designed to be immediately available to the seedling;
    • Protection against fungal diseases through a fungicide treatment;
    • Insecticidal treatments provide protection from biting and sucking insects.


    Seed coating use SAP should be fine particle size of 0.3 mm or less, after SAP coating the seed emergence quickly, strong and good disease resistance, this is the easily available way use SAP to plants in a drought area, which also with small quantity, low cost and good performance.

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