Potassium Soil Fertilizer You Never Met Before


    Water Retaining Gel

    As we know, potassium fertilizer can offer plants potassium. But do you hear there is one type of potassium fertilizer that can also improve the soil and increase the yield more 30%?

    What is it?

    This kind of fertilizer is called potassium-based water-retaining gel, also called SAP polymer.

    This amazing polymer can absorb hundreds of times its weight in water and then turn into water gel.

    It’s hard to squeeze out water from this water gel. Another side, when plants need water, water gel can release fertilizer efficiency&water to the roots of plants slowly–this is why water retaining gel can increase yield (especially for Root vegetables such as potatoes).

    Here is the comparison using SAP Polymer other not:

    Here is the article show more details about SAP polymer water retaining gel:

    > Details about Water Retaining Gel

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