How Much You Know about Hydrogel for Plants?


    What is “hydrogel for plants”?

    It is a functional polymer that can absorb water and turn to water gel. This gel will release water back when plants need it. So we can regard it as a “mini-reservoir”.

    Is it really safe? Will it be poisonous after photolysis?

    The kind of polymer is totally Non-toxic, harmless, and non-polluting. (It even can be used in artificial skin making ). Another side, it will turn into water, carbon dioxide, and ammonia gas.

    How to know the quality?

    The hydrogel can be “sodium polyacrylate” or “Potassium polyacrylate”.Potassium polyacrylate will be much better than sodium polyacrylate and the price will be more expensive. You should make it clear before buying it.

    Different Applications, different sizes

    Formulated Chemicals Service

    We can offer specially Formulated Products and services with strong technical support from the Qingdao University of Science &Technology. We have our own R&D center and strict qualified control system, after analyzing the content of the product offered by our customers, we have successfully formulated customized products.

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