The Chemical In Gel Ice Pack Bag: Sodium Polyacrylate


    Gel ice pack

    Gel ice pack also called a cold pack, is the substitute product for the traditional ice bag.

    It can be used to:

    • lower the body’s temperature;
    • transport the medicine, food, flower;
    • deal with the emergency hurt pain on sports injuries.

    Different from traditional ice bags, gel ice packs have become increasingly popular.

    Advantages of Gel Ice Pack

    • Soft feel and nice appearance;
    • Effectively curb the breeding of bacteria;
    • More effective. (Its specific heat is 3-4 times than ices)

    What chemical is in ice packs?

    It’s Sodium polyacrylate.

    As a type of superabsorbent polymers, sodium polyacrylate can absorb plenty of water and become a gel form.

    One-gram sodium polyacrylate can absorb 300-1000 grams of pure water. In other words, it’s enough to contain 1 gram (or less)  sodium polyacrylate for each gel ice pack.

    Advantages of Sodium polyacrylate

    • high specific heat capacity;
    • low cost (for each gel ice pack) ;
    • non-toxic & environment friendly;

    Other applications of sodium polyacrylate

    Except for gel ice pack,  it can be used in every aspect of our life:

    • thermal insulation material (ice towels, ice pillows…);
    • absorbent material (such as in paper diapers, sanitary napkins, nursing pads…);
    • water blocking material (such as inflatable sandbags, waterproof for cable…);
    • expanding material (inflatable toy).

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