Alternative to flood sandbag - Sandless water filled inflatable sandbag

December 11, 2022

*This article is about polypropylene sandbags, poly sandbags, inflatable sandless sandbags, water-filled sandbags, sandbags for flooding, and flood control bags.

Inflatable sandbag

Alternative to traditional flood sandbags, Sandless Inflatable Sandbags is filled with super absorbent polymer (SAP).

Weight: 0.3kg (before absorbing), 20Kg (after absorbing)

Bag material: non-woven fabrics/linen layer (with cotton cloth inner)

Filler: SAP (super absorbent polymer, an eco-friendly water-absorbent material)

How to use it?

SOCO inflatable sandbag is easy to use.

Get a container filled with water;

Put the bag into the container;

Wait for minutes.


Compare with traditional sandbags,  the advantages of inflatable bags are as follows,

1. Transport

Lightweight before they're used, thousands of inflatable bags can be quickly transported in a van.

2. Storage

Inflatable bags can be vacuumed-packed. So they can be stored in small depots for a long time.

3. Use

Compare with the traditional sandbag, inflatable bags are easier to carry & pile up.


Different from traditional sandbags, inflatable sandbags are not only used for floods.

They can be used in everywhere to solve water problems:

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