Alternative to flood sandbag – Sandless water filled inflatable sandbag


    Still using traditional sandbags? This article will introduce a new alternative to sandbags to change your perception.

    After using inflatable sandbag, you won’t have to

    • Takes a lot of time to install,
    • Worry about the dangers of pests, diseases, and germs,
    • Spend a lot of time and transportation costs to deal with flooding.

    Inflatable sandbag

    Perhaps we should call it the “Sandless Water Filled Inflatable Sandbag.”


    These sandbags contain internal SAP, allowing them to absorb significant amounts of water and expand, similar to regular sandbags, effectively serving as water barriers.

    • Easy to transport. Each sandbag weighs just a few grams before use.
    • Quick deployment. When in contact with water, the sandbag rapidly absorbs water and transforms into a 25-kilogram sandbag within a few minutes.
    • Reusable. High-quality sandbags can be reused, depending on the type of water-absorbent resin inside.

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    How to use it?

    SAP inflatable sandbag is easy to use.

    Get a container filled with water;

    Put the bag into the container;

    Wait for minutes.


    Compare with traditional sandbags,  the advantages of inflatable bags are as follows,

    1. Transport

    Lightweight before they’re used, thousands of inflatable bags can be quickly transported in a van.

    2. Storage

    Inflatable bags can be vacuumed-packed. So they can be stored in small depots for a long time.

    3. Use

    Compare with the traditional sandbag, inflatable bags are easier to carry & pile up.


    Different from traditional sandbags, inflatable sandbags are not only used for floods.

    They can be used in everywhere to solve water problems:

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