Agriculture Acrylic polymer SAP:Give Your Plants a Mini-Reservoir


    Why do plants need water?

    Plants need water just like we need food.

    -Plants make food themselves with sunshine, CO2, and water.

    -Water is an important component of the plant.

    -Water helps plants firmly and keep upright.

    -Bring the inorganic salt to plants.

    -To prevent burns by transpiration.

    Then we talk about one product that can help us to make a mini-reservoir for our plants.

    Agriculture Acrylic polymer (SAP)  is one kind of function polymer that can absorb hundreds of times of its own weight water and then turn to water gel. When plants need side water, when the soil is dry enough,  water gel will send water to plants.

    Actually, SAP not only can save water but also save irrigation. For more details, click the button as follows…

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