Super Absorbent Polymer

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Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP)

It is a functional polymer with good water absorption & water holding capacity and non-toxic, harmless, non-polluting, and biodegradable.
Super absorbent polymer’s most beneficial property lies in the fact that it absorbs liquids equivalent to several hundred times of its body mass and transforms it into a gel; That is why it is able to retain or stop the water.

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SAP for Plants
SAP for Hygiene Products
SAP for Industrial Products
SAP for Plants

This type of SAP can absorb hundreds of times weight water of its own weight and become a water gel. Water gel can lock the water firmly unless the soil is dry enough.

It is just like a “mini- reservoir” which can store water when raining and release water when it is drought.

– Improve seed germination and emergence to give plants an early, healthy start.

– Save the irrigation, increase crops and fruit yield.

– It contains Potassium and releases the fertilizer efficiency slowly.

– It is environmental, environmental protection and biodegradable,non-toxic,non-residue,etc.

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SAP for Hygiene Products
SAP for Industrial Products

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