It is a functional polymer with good water absorption & water holding capacity and non-toxic, harmless, nonpolluting and biodegradable.
Super absorbent polymer’s most beneficial property lies in the fact that it absorbs liquids equivalent to several hundred times of its body mass and transforms it into a gel; That is why it is able to retain or stop the water.
>> what is SAP?

This type SAP can absorb hundred times weight water of its own weight and become a water gel. Water gel can lock the water firmly unless soil is dry enough.

It is just like a “mini- reservoir” which can store water when raining and release water when it is drought.

– Improve seed germination and emergence to give plants an early, health start.

– Save the irrigation, increase crops and fruit yield.

– It contains Potassium and release the fertilizer efficiency slowly.

– It is environmental, environmental protection and biodegradable,non-toxic,non-residue,etc.

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With its awesome properties of liquid-absorption and locking, it has found very useful application in products prone to moisture like: Diapers, Sanitary napkins, Nursing pads and so on. (details)

For Diaper

SAP for diaper has good permeability , strong absorptive capacity and maintenance ability. It will not happen to return infiltration phenomenon under a certain pressure.

For Lady Sanitary Napkin

SAP for sanitary napkin has fast suction of blood, high absorption capacity, good gel strength and moisture resistance. The strong absorption capacity and water retention ability in women`s sanitary napkin can keep dry and comfortable.

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With each passing day, SAP is being employed in more and more industries and applications due to its increasing popularity and efficiency in water deterrence.

For Cables

Used in waterproof tape and waterproof ointment for using in optical fiber cables.

The absorbency and reaction is quickly and the overall inflation rate and inflation extent are good when meeting water.

>>more applications

Inflatable Sandbag

Inflatable sandbag uses a degradable polymer to absorbs water, then block it.

Delivered as a flat one-pound sack, they absorb up to 45 pounds of fresh water in five minutes, forming a dense gel that blocks and redirects water, while forming to each other or adjacent structures for a tighter fit than traditional sandbags.

Because they are stored dry, they are cleaner, lighter, more effective and easier to use in the places and times when sandbags are most needed. (details)


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